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Autumn 2019 telephone campaign

Have you received your pre-call letter or have you spoken with one of our student callers?

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Autumn 2019 telephone campaign

Sharing memories, shaping futures.

Every year we call thousands of alumni, family and friends around the world to tell them about the exciting activities and developments at the University of St Andrews, and to find out what is happening with them and reminisce with them about their own St Andrews experience.

The collective generosity of our alumni and friends will help to shape the future of St Andrews for generations to come. Regardless of whether you decide to give, we do hope you enjoyed reconnecting with the University and hearing about the current developments underway.

Our Autumn 2019 telephone campaign has now closed. You may have received a pre-call letter or email letting you know that one of our students would be in touch. We hope that you had an opportunity to talk with them and enjoyed finding out about the current activities and development at St Andrews.

Our thanks go out to the many donors who contributed towards this campaign!

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Even if you are not in a position to make a gift, please visit our website at to check that the contact information we hold is correct.

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