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By supporting scholarships you’re changing lives

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By supporting scholarships you’re changing lives

I studied Marine Biology at St Andrews in the eighties, and spent a lot of time in the Gatty Marine Laboratory (now known as the Scottish Oceans Institute). It was, and still is, world-famous for its research. I remember some unforgettable field trips and lecturers who gave me such enthusiasm for my subject, I continued my studies here after graduating before discovering my own vocation as a teacher.

St Andrews also gives young people so much more than an excellent education. When you think of your own student days, you will have fond recollections of Raisin Monday, the Pier Walk, the May Dip or perhaps something completely different. Whatever it is, I’m sure no student at any other university will have been involved in anything quite like it.

The USA Wardlaw Scholar you support with a gift today will not only have the chance of a completely unique student experience, they will develop friendships that can last a lifetime, and make memories that will never fade.

Each USA Wardlaw Scholarship costs $5,000 a year, and with your help, you and other alumni will make it possible for another student from a disadvantaged background to come to St Andrews.

With many thanks for all your support

Clare Peddie, Vice-Principal Education (Proctor)

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