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Are you an alumnus of the University of St Andrews?

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The Challenge Fund Initiative 2018-19

The Challenge Fund Initiative was launched in 2017 to match donations from alumni to the University of St Andrews American Foundation Inc.

Matches are made in one of two ways:

  • This fund will match in full any new donations from Alumni who have not given in the previous financial year.
  • For alumni who are existing donors, if an annual donation is increased or an additional donation is made, the value of the increase of this year's donation will be matched.
This is an excellent opportunity to increase the value of your support to the University at no extra cost to you and no extra work! You can make your donations through this form without worrying about any extra administration related to the matching element - this will be taken care of by the University.

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Even if you are not in a position to make a gift, please visit our website at to check that the contact information we hold is correct.

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